You Deserve the Life You Want.

Let’s Get You There.

You were born with the answers inside you.

I’m Nancy, Life Coach Extraordinaire, and I am here to help you find peace and satisfaction in your life.

I provide support and guidance, leading to your personal, practical, and career goals. As a certified life coach, I walk beside you to identify, examine, and break down your challenge. By talking, listening, and using proven coaching techniques and practices, together, we clarify and identify your desired outcome, and develop a process for reaching it.

In each session we consult that roadmap, check in on your progress, and see what support you need or questions you have until you reach your destination.

As your skilled life coach…

  1. I provide clarity and guidance, helping you through the process.
  2. I provide accountability.
  3. I am committed to your success.

“I help my clients marvel at life again.”

I can’t wait to meet you and get started on the change you are looking for!

Nancy James, CLC

Am I the Life Coach For You?

Clients come to me because their beliefs and the way they’ve constructed their lives no longer function for them and get in the way of the lives they want to lead. In fact, those beliefs and behaviors cause them enormous stress. They know their lives aren’t working well but they don’t know why. 

Who Needs a Life Coach?

People who seek out life coaches typically have an end goal in mind. It may pertain to a family situation, a professional change, or personal growth. I work with you to identify your objective, look at the steps and challenges, break down the process, and help you develop an approach.

The Marvelous Process

That Eases Your Transformation

Individuals often know when something is bothering them, or they feel out of sync. They may be grappling with an issue, or a life change, and have mixed feelings around it. They’re often not quite able to make sense of it or to get it done.

M.A.R.V.E.L. is my 6-step transformative process that helps isolate the turmoil, identify it, and move you toward a resolution. I call it a blueprint for personal growth. Altogether, M.A.R.V.E.L. creates an approach for identifying who and where you want to be…next. I’ve used it with many clients, and, as a daily practice, it works like a charm to help them:

– Recognize their goals.
– Figure out their next move.
– Be prepared to execute the next steps.


Don't wait to get started on your life's next step.

Getting to Your Aha!

We all have the capacity to operate on four key levels, and we rely on these to successfully get through our lives. When we call on and integrate these multiple strata, our lives function better, are more balanced. My time with you concentrates on these Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional levels. Without these, life and its decisions have no foundation and no balance. Often, as humans, we have learned to rely on just one or two levels, taking comfort and finding habit in approaching life from these limited points of view. When we do this, we commit a disservice to ourselves, short-changing our capabilities and potential.


Your Sphere of Success

I Stand by You

From the beginning, I am there for you as we work toward you securing and loving the life you have always wanted.

Whether you’re starting a business, wanting a better relationship, finding purpose, getting a healthier body, or becoming a more successful leader at work, I’m here to support you as you define and step toward your purpose.

It Takes a Village

Everyone needs people in life who love and support us. But, more importantly, you need people who tell you the truth–with love. These are the precious few who will say not just what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

I’ll help you select your truth-sayers and be the first to join your village.

The Universe is Yours

When you are willing to do the exhilarating work, to have the life you feel in your gut, and emerge into the sunlight, you will feel like a Superhero… a person with strength and purpose, able to achieve what is right for you.

You will be the champion of your own life.

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“Nancy is such a wonderful and welcoming coach. Her personality envelops you from the start. She has great compassion and connection. After just one session with Nancy, I had a huge breakthrough that wasn’t expected and made a big impact on my progress. This was due to Nancy’s ability to bring me to a higher understanding of my feelings. Her coaching inspires progress and accountability. I highly recommend her coaching services.”

Stacia H., Client and fellow coach 

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